Incubit Technology Ventures is a technology incubator located in Be’er-Sheva and is part of the OCS incubator program. Incubit, fully owned and backed by Elbit Systems Ltd., is the first Hi-Tech industry-backed incubator.

Our goal is to invest in innovative startups with unique technologies in an early stage, promoting them to secure further growth and future investments. We believe in partnership and acceleration, which relies on our wealth of unique services and deep understanding in managing technology.

We are seeking entrepreneurs and innovative startups possessing a strong drive to develop distinct technology that may become a market game changer and create a high barrier for competition.

We believe in providing unique value to our portfolio companies through our technological and business experience.  Starting with access to first tier technological experts, through our capability to participate in building a viable and risk managed R&D plan and followed by access to a wide global network that can help you craft a partnership with the best strategic partners or investors.

In instances where a startup’s technology has synergetic value to Elbit Systems, further options of added value arise: either as an initial customer; or through the payment of royalties on license; product sales or by becoming a strategic investor.

We are a “smart money” investor; our investment is shaped by our ability to provide value. We invest mainly in civilian infrastructure markets such as: Cyber, Communication, ICT, Networks, Software, Automation, Nano Technology, IT, Electro-Optics, Aviation, Vision & Image Processing, Medical Devices.
Nonetheless, we are also open to any other opportunity where we believe we can add value.